Help Your Children Develop Empathy From This Story

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Hey everyone, March 10, 2023 is SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING DAY. Here’s a great story you can share with your kids that can help them to develop their empathy for others: Moko the dolphin charmed the locals and tourists by catching and throwing beach balls at Mahia Beach in New Zealand. He pushed their kayaks with his nose. But Moko was … Read More

Peace Corps and Service

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By Barbara A. Lewis, author of The Teen Guide to Global Action Students at the University of Michigan in 1960 must have caught their breath when John F. Kennedy challenged them to contribute two years of their lives in volunteer work. What? Two years? Within weeks of his inauguration, President Kennedy established the Peace Corps in 1961. Any U.S. citizen … Read More

Inspiring Kids to Serve Interview With Nicole Lawrence

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I was recently invited to participate in an interview with the delightful Nicole Lawrence of the site Service Minded Families. During our conversation, I was able to share some of my experiences facilitating service opportunities for kids. Some of the main points I shared include: Parents can facilitate service projects, but may not necessarily initiate the service projects. Parents can … Read More

The Kid’s Guide to Service Projects Interview

One of my favorite books that I’ve authored is The Kid’s Guide to Service Projects.  This book is so much fun for educators, parents and students alike and provides many ideas and valuable insight on how to serve in the community.  During my interview with Dr. James Sutton, we discuss youth oriented service projects, how to get kids excited and involved … Read More