Be Your Own Hero Summit

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When I heard about this opportunity, I had to share it with you! Imagine eliminating stress, worry and struggle from your life! Did you know that so many people suffer needlessly because they do not have the proper tools to tap into or access their full-potential? Imagine what it would be like to wake up each day with a smile … Read More

Ten Things Every Student Needs to Hear from Teachers

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When I returned to teaching after taking a 20-year hiatus to raise my own children, I had an opportunity to take over a sixth-grade class during the last six weeks of school. When first entering the room, I dodged ricocheting spitballs—not a prime situation for success. I knew I needed a strategy fast. I thought if I focused my attention … Read More

Peace Corps and Service

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By Barbara A. Lewis, author of The Teen Guide to Global Action Students at the University of Michigan in 1960 must have caught their breath when John F. Kennedy challenged them to contribute two years of their lives in volunteer work. What? Two years? Within weeks of his inauguration, President Kennedy established the Peace Corps in 1961. Any U.S. citizen … Read More

Character Building for Teens Interview

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In July 2013, I was invited by Dr. James Sutton of the Changing Behavior Network to discuss how to help teens build character. Over two sessions totaling nearly 45 minutes, we discussed my book, What Do You Stand For? For Teens, and the importance of character development and how to share it. Part 1 – Post and audio interview Part 2 … Read More