The Kid’s Guide to Service Projects Interview

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One of my favorite books that I’ve authored is The Kid’s Guide to Service Projects.  This book is so much fun for educators, parents and students alike and provides many ideas and valuable insight on how to serve in the community.  During my interview with Dr. James Sutton, we discuss youth oriented service projects, how to get kids excited and involved … Read More

Inspiring Young Service Leaders

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Would you like your students or child to grow excited over something besides getting the latest Furby, Nintendo 3DS, or Super Mario game? Would you like them to get turned off from iPods, tablets, and TV and turned on to something that will grow their character? Of course you would, but what else is as exciting to kids? Service! Do … Read More

Character Building for Teens Interview

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In July 2013, I was invited by Dr. James Sutton of the Changing Behavior Network to discuss how to help teens build character. Over two sessions totaling nearly 45 minutes, we discussed my book, What Do You Stand For? For Teens, and the importance of character development and how to share it. Part 1 – Post and audio interview Part 2 … Read More

Listen to the story of Lulu, the pig who saves its owner

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I’m really excited about my most recent book, Building Character with True Stories from Nature.  Each of the 25 lessons describes a particular plant or animal and its distinctive qualities.  The stories are engaging and written to kids.  One of my favorites is about Lulu, a heroic pot-bellied pig that saves it’s owners life!  Listen as Heidi from Free Spirit News … Read More

Educational Articles That I’ve Had Published

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Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to write numerous articles detailing my experiences in student education and community involvement.  The following is a running list of articles I’ve had published: Tweens & Teens, the Parentguide, “Truth Be Told—How to Encourage Honesty in a Dishonest World”, Oct. 2005 The Navigator, “Service With a Smile”, Duke University, fall 2005 Chicken Soup … Read More

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