Educational Articles That I’ve Had Published

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Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to write numerous articles detailing my experiences in student education and community involvement.  The following is a running list of articles I’ve had published:

  • Tweens & Teens, the Parentguide, “Truth Be Told—How to Encourage Honesty in a Dishonest World”, Oct. 2005
  • The Navigator, “Service With a Smile”, Duke University, fall 2005
  • Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul, two of my stories printed in 1997
  • Parent Guide, “Positive Traits—The Cornerstones of Character Development”, Sept. 1998
  • NEA Today, “Is Environmental Education Scaring Our Kids to Death?”, Sept.1997
  • Parenting for High Potential, “Getting Your Child Involved in Volunteering”, Sept.1997
  • Educational Leadership, “Serving Others Hooks Gifted Students on Learning”, Feb. 1996
  • The Navigator, “Kids Can Make A Difference”, Duke University, Fall 1995
  • School Library Journal, “Social Action Saves the Day”, Jan. 1994
  • Educators for Social Responsibility, “Citizenship in Action”, Newsletter for Winter 1992
  • Campus Life, “Everyday Heroes”, Nov. 1992
  • Social Education, “From Teacher to Writer: How Does it Happen?”, Jan. 1992
  • Educational Leadership, “Today’s Kids Care About Social Action”, Sept. 1991
  • Social Education, “Cleanup Crusade: Citizenship in Action”, April-May 1990
  • Scholastic Newstime, “How You Can Get Involved”, Sept. 21, 1990
  • CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, “The Children’s Cleanup Crusade”, reprint of (Sierra Magazine article), article entered into the record by Honorable Wayne Owens, April 27, 1989; also reprinted in The Earth Annual (Rodale, 1990)
  • Sierra Magazine, “The Children’s Cleanup Crusade”, March / April 1989
  • The Civic Perspective, Harvard School of Education, “Small Fry Community Activists”, Summer / Fall 1988