Survival Guide for Teachers of Gifted Kids

Being a gifted education teacher has always posed special challenges. In their first book together, two veteran educators of the gifted give teachers the information, advice, and encouragement they need. They explain how to set the foundation for a gifted program; how to evaluate, identify, and select students; how to plan and implement a range of programming options (including differentiated instruction in the regular classroom, ability grouping, pullout classes, special classes for gifted students, weighted grades, and others); and how to conduct ongoing program evaluation.

Chapters cover why and how to network and build support among parents, other teachers, and students, and how to develop survival skills needed at a time when gifted education is questioned, threatened, and underfunded.

This all-in-one resource is recommended for beginning and experienced teachers and for program coordinators and administrators. Featured in the book:

  • Seasoned advice on writing a mission or philosophy statement, setting program goals, turning skeptics into stakeholders, and avoiding pitfalls
  • Proven ways to help gifted students cope with the personal challenges they face
  • Insights into building alliances with other teachers, administrators, and parents
  • Real-life examples and first-person stories from teachers and coordinators
  • A glossary of terms related to gifted education Extensive lists of annotated resources for educators, parents, and students
  • Ready-to-use reproducible forms with surveys, checklists, and a gifted program action plan—both in the book and on the accompanying CDROM.

176 pages, softcover, black and white, 8 ½”x11”, Teachers of gifted students, Grades K12, ISBN 9781575421162

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